Lea Mariposa is the founder, operator and alchemist of the Bhakti Botanicals product line. She lives on the Big Island of Hawaii in a beautiful off-grid sanctuary she created with her family and community. She is a mother of a beautiful teenage son, permaculturist, artist, musician and avid lover of the Aina (Hawaiian word for the Land). "I am so grateful to report that I am happy and healthy. Living life in alignment with my values. Every day is precious gift. I'm so grateful to share my story with you. Thank you for stopping by".


As far back as I can remember I’ve been interested in Health and choosing what I believed was a healthy lifestyle. I ate organic foods for 25 years, stayed away from toxic chemicals and synthetics, used natural body care products. I had an active lifestyle that included walking, swimming and gardening. I had a spiritual practice, ate raw foods for years, was living in one of the most pristine places on earth with really clean air. I was doing everything right, or so I believed.
In spite of all this after I gave birth to my son, I began to develop symptoms like headaches, insomnia, fatigue, sciatica, joint pain, bouts of depression, premenstrual issues, thyroid imbalances, psoriasis and digestive issues at times. I was still feeling ‘ok’ though and looked young and fit for my age so wasn’t too worried. I thought perhaps this is just what happens when we “ get older” and other such excusing thoughts. Yet I kept having the feeling that I was missing something, but what?


Everything came to a head when I went through a heartbreaking experience several years later. This led to a rapid decline in my quality of health and to a profound journey towards discovering what was really going on with my body. I was led through doing my own investigation to explore and research many supplements and modalities. Everything was a positive tweak in the right direction but it wasn’t until I came across the data on Magnesium deficiency that the light came on. I found out that magnesium is critical for over 300 important cellular metabolic processes and without enough our bodies start to domino towards disease and degeneration. I also discovered that up to 80% or more of the population is deficient, making many of these symptoms seem “normal”. I certainly was experiencing many of the deficiency symptoms myself. This also explained why I had an addiction to chocolate! Turns out chocolate is a magnesium rich food! What I didn’t know though is that the foods we eat are only as magnesium rich as the soils they are grown in, which are depleted. So even though I was eating a ‘ good’ diet I still wasn’t giving my body what it needed. Also through my research I learned about transdermal magnesium therapy and how healing it has been clinically proven to be. I was on the right track! 


To make a long story short, I will cut to the chase. I started using transdermal magnesium oil daily. From the very first application I felt my cells drinking it in so thirstily. I could feel it working immediately. I used it faithfully every day, sometimes morning and night. I did experience the uncomfortable tingling sting so many people do upon the initial stage, but it wasn’t really a big deal for me and wore off quickly. I discovered the more I used it the less irritation there’d be until eventually there was no reaction. I later read that the sting is more pronounced in deficient individuals. After about a month or so of consistent usage the sting went completely away! As the stinging subsided I witnessed my sleep improving! And my skin clearing up. I had more energy, I wasn’t tired all the time. My mood lifted. My premenstrual symptoms diminished and almost completely disappeared. I felt less bloated and my weight stabilized. I lost my cravings for sugar too and the chocolate addiction went away, although I still love to indulge sometimes, but now I don't feel as if I NEED to. Was this the missing link? My experience pointed to Magnesium Oil being a major ally in my journey back to balance.


After receiving some pointed encouragement from an entrepreneurial friend who nudged me in the right direction, I’ve become passionate about sharing this discovery and helping others reclaim their health sovereignty. I started the plunge into product development and business which were expansive and new for me and so rewarding. I feel really good about the products I’ve birthed. I stand behind them. Much thought and care has gone into every step of this process. From sourcing the highest quality magnesium chloride to pairing it with therapeutic grade organic essential oils, to the beautiful packaging and most importantly to the love and intention behind it all, which is to offer a truly premium quality remedy to share more joy with the world. It really savedmy life and I sincerely hope it has a positive impact on yours as well. With my heartfelt gratitude, thank you for reading.

Namaste and Mahalo, Lea Mariposa xx