(n) /pr. bäk-tee/
A simple definition of the Sanskrit word Bhakti is “devotion”. In ancient texts the term simply means participation, devotion and love for any endeavor. Bhakti is also sometimes described as “love for love’s sake".
So what are we devoted to ?
In nutshell , our Devotion is to cultivating Loving Wellness through care for ourselves, others and the natural world.


Bhakti Botanicals was born on the Big Island of Hawaii from a deep belief in the power of the natural world, a belief that healing and rejuvenation can be achieved by using the gifts of the Earth to sustain, replenish , and bestow optimal Health and Well being. Through off-grid living on a beautiful piece of land, wild crafting, gardening and living in close connection to the natural environment, we’ve observed that the Earth is abundant with remedies that support humanity. Our ancestors were so familiar with this wild apothecary and the full wisdom of the ways of the Natural world. Fortunately, many of us in modern times are reconnecting with that wisdom and find ourselves seeking the answers to our imbalances through the power of Nature. Sourcing our ingredients, and inspiration, directly from nature, feels like the most loving way to run our “ business”.


This Devotion we share is the fruit of the flower of Self-Care and Self-Love which we believe is the starting point for creating a peaceful, loving, joyful experience for All. Our offerings come to you in the form of true heartfelt care, attention to detail, and the dedication to provide you and your loved ones with the most supportive and lovingly crafted products possible. All our Products are free of toxic chemicals like synthetic fragrances and laboratory made minerals. All our products are cruelty-free ( never tested on animals), and are safe, gentle and pure. We source our ingredients from the highest quality natural organic sources we can find.



Here at Bhakti Botanicals we are dedicated and devoted to continuing to craft and create the purest and most beneficial remedies to support radiant health and wellbeing, on all levels, for all beings. The Mission of Bhakti Botanicals is to create a web of wellness, extending across the world, one beautifully balanced being at a time.

Healing the World one precious piece at a time. Because Radiant Health is YOUR Birthright.